Look at all this icon of all these canonised saints. Look closely. Do you see it? Someone has a dog's head! St. Christopher the Martyr.
If having a dog's head is not a barrier to salvation, then neither is skin colour. And he gets to stand with everyone else, which amounts to integration. People are not segregated according to different physical appearances in the Kingdom of Heaven.

About this blog.

Why we need to be very worried and deeply concerned about the Traditionalist Workers Party.

The main purpose of this blog is to counter all-out lies and deceptions being promoted by the Traditionalist Youth Network and the Traditionalist Workers Party to the effect that racial nationalism is compatible with Orthodox Christianity.  False claims which are also promoted by websites affiliated with them.  Written contributions are welcome, but will be vetted.

The main concern over these claims is that racial nationalism is compatible with Orthodoxy is the association it will create for the Church.  Islamic terror is committed by a minority of Muslims, but Islam worldwide is saddled with an association with violence.  A minority of Roman Catholic clergy abused children, but the Roman Catholic Church is still saddled with a terrible reputation.  This will become the unfortunate association that the Orthodox Church will have owing to the presence of racial nationalists.  It is important that those within the Church speak out before acts of all-out murder are committed by racial nationalists who hold membership in the Church.

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